Mitchell School District


Mitchell Schools have adopted numerous programs to use kindergarten through twelfth grade in order to provide a variety of means for students to succeed.    Our elementary schools integrate Character Counts in all three schools.  These schools also use a Comprehensive Computerized Curriculum to instill strong math skills in grades K-5.  All of the elementary schools also utilize specific “big 5” reading strategies to help develop strong reading skills.  The middle school began an ICU program to help students be more accountable for their academic progress. Literature Circles and 6+1 Writing Traits have been used at all three levels for a number of years. DWU has helped MHS provide many opportunities for our high school students to earn college credit through a Dual Credit program.  The HS also offers four AP level courses.  To earn college credit for these, however, students must take a test and score at least a 3 with 5 being the highest possible.


To learn more curriculum information at the specific buildings in the Mitchell School District, please go to the following school websites.